Final Presentations

Computational Geometry and Algorithms for Geographic Information Systems
On Wednesday 13 December, 2006, the class presented their final projects. The schedule is printed below along with links to the student papers. A proceedings style copy of all the papers is available in PDF format.
Time Title/Authors
1:20-1:40 Finding Your Inner Blaha: GPS Mapping of the Swarthmore Campus
Matt Singleton and Bronwyn Woods | pdf
1:45-2:05 Border Patrol
Shingo Murata and Dan Amato | pdf
2:10-2:30 Parallelized Interpolation: A Quantative Assessment
Scott Blaha and Mustafa Paksoy | pdf
2:45-3:05 Bridge Detection from Elevation Data using a Classifier Cascade
Anthony Manfredi and Alexandr Pshenichkin | pdf
3:10-3:30 Flow Routing on Flat Terrains
Taylor Hamilton and Giovanna Thron | pdf
3:35-3:55 Shapefile Overlay using a Doubly-Connected Edge List
Phil Katz and Stephen St. Vincent | pdf