CS35 — Data Structures and Algorithms

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Data Structures and Algorithms


Welcome to CS35. This course continues the broad introduction to computer science begun in CS21. It is also provides a good general background for further study in the field. The underlying themes of the course will be program design, abstraction, analysis, and correctness. We will use the object-oriented programming language Java to implement and test programs. A brief introduction to Java will be provided, but some familiarity with programming is a pre-requisite usually satisfied by CS21. Topics covered in CS35 include data structures (queues, stacks, trees, hash tables, graphs, etc.), algorithms, software design and software verification.

Numerous lab exercises and a number of programming projects help illustrate the concepts presented. We will use the Computer Science Labs (running Linux) in the Science Center as the classroom/laboratorys for this course. If you work somewhere else, you are responsible for obtaining and learning how to use the software. Since one of the goals of the course is to learn how to write large, reliable programs, we emphasize (in class and grading) the development of clear, modular, well-documented programs that are easy to read, verify, analyze, debug, and modify.


Class info

Room: Science Center 240
Time: TR 2:40pm-3:55pm
Text: Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (4th edition) by Michael T. Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia

Instructional staff

Professor: Andrew Danner
Office: Science Center 253
Phone: (610) 328-8665
Office hours:by appointment

Ninjas: Megan Schuster, Anne-Marie Frassica, Carey Pietsch, and Joel Tolliver
Hours: Thursday 7-9pm (Megan and Anne-Marie) Sunday 9-11pm (Carey and Joel)


1 Jan 22   Intro to Java
Chapters 1 and 2
Jan 24  
2 Jan 29   More Java
Chapters 2 and 3
Jan 31 Drop/Add ends (Feb 01)
3 Feb 05   Complexity Analysis
Chapter 4
Feb 07  
4 Feb 12   Stacks and Queues
Chapter 5
Also review 2.4, 2.5, 3.3
Feb 14  
5 Feb 19   Vectors, Lists, Iterators
Chapter 6
Feb 21  
6 Feb 26   Trees
Chapter 7, 8.1.1-8.1.2,
Feb 28  
7 Mar 04   Trees
Chapter 7 and 10
Mar 06    

Mar 11

Spring Break

Mar 13

8 Mar 18   Priority Queues and Heaps
Chapter 8
Midterm Project
Mar 20  

Mar 25

Midterm Exam Sample Questions

Mar 27 Last day to declare CR/NC or
Withdraw with a "W" (Mar 28)
Dictionaries and Hashing
Chapter 9
10 Apr 01    
Apr 03   LAB8
11 Apr 08   Sorting
Chapter 11
Apr 10    
12 Apr 15   Graphs
Chapter 13.1-13.3
Apr 17  
13 Apr 22   Graph Algorithms
Chapter 13
Final Project
Apr 24  
14 Apr 29    
May 01    

May 15

Final Exam 2pm Sci 240


Grades will be weighted as follows:
35%Lab assignments
10%Midterm Project
10%Midterm Exam
25%Final Project
15%Final Exam
5%Class Participation

Lab policy

Programming assignments will typically be assigned in class at the beginning of the week and will be due before midnight the following Tuesday night. You are strongly encouraged to start early.

You will submit you assignments electronically using the handin35 program. You may submit your assignment multiple times, but each submission overwrites the previous one and only the final submission will be graded. Late assignments will not be accepted except in extreme situations and only if you contact me before the deadline. Even if you do not fully complete an assignment, you may submit what you have done to receive partial credit.

Programming Style

Programming is not a dry mechanical process, but a form of art. Well written code has an aesthetic appeal while poor form can make other programmers and instructors cringe. Programming assignments will be graded based on style and correctness. Good programming practices usually include many of the following principles:

Academic Integrity

Academic honesty is required in all work you submit to be graded. With the exception of your lab partner on lab assignments, you may not submit work done with (or by) someone else, or examine or use work done by others to complete your own work. You may discuss assignment specifications and requirements with others in the class to be sure you understand the problem. In addition, you are allowed to work with others to help learn the course material. However, with the exception of your lab partner, you may not work with others on your assignments in any capacity.

All code you submit must be your own with the following permissible exceptions: code distributed in class, code found in the course text book, and code worked on with an assigned partner. In these cases, you should always include detailed comments that indicates which parts of the assignment you received help on, and what your sources were.

``It is the opinion of the faculty that for an intentional first offense, failure in the course is normally appropriate. Suspension for a semester or deprivation of the degree in that year may also be appropriate when warranted by the seriousness of the offense.'' - Swarthmore College Bulletin (2007-2008, Section 7.1.2)

Please see me if there are any questions about what is permissible.

Links that are related to the course may be posted here. If you have suggestions for links, let me know.

Using Unix Improved
Textbook site
Vim quick reference
Vim tips and tricks
From Python to Java
Sun's Java tutorial
Professor Newhall's Tips on How to Compile, Run and Debug Java Programs
Common Java Error Messages


java.util.* 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.util.Scanner 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.util.List<E> 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.util.ArrayList<E> 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.util.LinkedList<E> 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.util.Iterator<E> 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.util.ListIterator<E> 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.util.PriorityQueue<E> 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.util.Comparator<E> 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.util.HashMap<K,V> 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.util.Collection<E> 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.lang.* 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.lang.Character 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.lang.Integer 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.lang.Math 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.lang.String 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.io.* 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.io.File 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.io.FileInputStream 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.io.Serializable 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.awt.* 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.awt.Color 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.awt.FlowLayout 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.awt.BorderLayout 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.awt.GridLayout 1.5.0 Local Copy
java.awt.GridBagLayout 1.5.0 Local Copy
javax.swing.* 1.5.0 Local Copy
javax.swing.JFrame 1.5.0 Local Copy
javax.swing.JPanel 1.5.0 Local Copy
javax.swing.JLabel 1.5.0 Local Copy
javax.swing.JButton 1.5.0 Local Copy
javax.swing.JComboBox 1.5.0 Local Copy
Thanks to Richard Wicentowski for this table format.