CS46: Theory of Computation

Spring 2018


40%Lab assignments (~11)
25%Final exam
30%Two midterm tests
5%Class participation, Clicker responses, and Attendance


Tests will be given at the beginning in lab on the days posted in the schedule. Please arrive at class promptly to ensure that you don't lose time on the test.

Class Participation

Your participation grade consists of:

Lab Assignment Policy

Lab assignments are submitted electronically using git, and are typically due by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday nights. You may submit your assignment multiple times, but only the final submission will be graded. You must write your solutions in LaTeX and submit .tex and .pdf files using git.

The first few labs will be individual assignments to ensure that everyone knows the basics of the course material. Later, we will transition to partnered lab assignments to allow you to work on more complex problems.

Late Policy: Lab assignments will typically be assigned Thursday afternoon before lab and will be due Wednesday at 11:59PM. You must submit your assignments electronically by pushing to your assigned git repository. You may push your assignment multiple times, and a history of previous submissions will be saved. You are encouraged to push your work regularly.

To help with cases of minor illnesses, athletic conflicts, or other short-term time limitations, all students start the course with three late assignment days to be used at your discretion, with no questions asked. To use your extra time, you must email me after you have completed the lab and pushed to your repository. You do not need to inform anyone ahead of time. When you use late days, you should still expect to work on the newly-released lab during the following lab section meeting. Lab time will not be used to answer questions about the previous lab. Your late days will be counted at the granularity of full days and will be tracked on a per-student (NOT per-partnership) basis. That is, if you turn in an assignment five minutes after the deadline, it counts as using one day. For partnered labs, using a late day counts towards the late days for each partner. In the rare cases in which only one partner has unused late days, that partner's late days may be used, barring a consistent pattern of abuse. If you feel that you need an extension on an assignment or that you are unable to attend class for two or more meetings due to a medical condition (e.g., extended illness, concussion, hospitalization) or other emergency, you must contact the dean's office and your instructors. Faculty will coordinate with the deans to determine and provide the appropriate accommodations. Note that for illnesses, the College's medical excuse policy, states that you must be seen and diagnosed by the Worth Health Center if you would like them to contact your class dean with corroborating medical information.