CS21: Quiz 3 Study Guide

In addition to the concepts from Quiz 1 and Quiz 2,

You should understand and/or be able to use the following Python concepts:

You should understand how to make instances of the following graphics objects and how to use their methods:

Practice problems:

  1. What would the output of the following be?
    for i in range(5):
      for j in range (3):
        print "%d %d %s" % (i,j,(i+j)*"X")
  2. Write a program that asks the user for a positive integer, n, and then calculates and displays the sum of all numbers from 1 to n. For example, if the user enters 5, the program calculates 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5

  3. Write a program that reads in student grades from the user, until the user enters a -1. After reading in the -1, the program should compute and display the average grade:
    Please enter your grades below.
    Enter a -1 when you are all done...
    grade  1: 98
    grade  2: 87
    grade  3: 65
    grade  4: 95
    grade  5: 80
    grade  6: -1
    The average of those 5 grades is 85.000
  4. Write a program that asks the user for a number (positive integer, n), and then asks the user to click the mouse n times, anywhere in a graphics window, each time drawing a small red circle where the user clicked.

  5. What would be the TYPE of each of these?
       p = Point(100,200)             type of p?
       c = Circle(p, 5)               type of c?
       x = c.getRadius()              type of x?
       c2 = c.clone()                 type of c2?
       L = [c, c2]                    type of L?
       m = L[0]                       type of m?
       y = L[1].getCenter().getY()    type of y?
  6. Given the assignments for S and L, what is the value and type of each expression?
    L = ['Join me', 'and we can rule', 'the galaxy', 'as father and son']
    S = "abcdefg"
    "a" in L[2]
    "ABC" in S