WEEK06: indefinite (while) loops, more functions...
 F: more while loops and functions

QUIZ 3 today...

LAB 6 checkMouse() and checkKey():

- here's an example of using the checkMouse() method:

  for i in range(1000):
    p = win.checkMouse()
    if p != None:
      print "got a mouse click!!!"
      print "no mouse click...i = %d" % (i)

  check mouse returns either None if the mouse was not clicked,
  or a graphics Point object if it *was* clicked. The above code
  checks the mouse and does something appropriate with the result.

- here's an example of using checkKey() to get keyboard input
  (without pausing if there were no keys pressed):

  i = 0
  while True:
    i = i + 1
    key = win.checkKey()  # returns Key string or None
    if key != None:
      print "got a key click!!!"
      print key
      if key == "q":
        print "quitting..."
      print "no key click........%5d" % (i)



  - use the above checkkey.py program to see what checkKey()
    returns when you press different keys
  - what is returned when you press the arrow keys?

  - write a function to move an object around the window (a Circle
    or maybe a Rectangle) based on the arrow keys. If the user presses
    the Left Arrow Key, move the object 5 pixels to the left. If they
    press the Right Arrow Key, move the object 5 pixels to the right.