3D, Transforms, Textures

Practicing Transforms


Read Chapter 4.

Class startup

git checkout master
git pull
git checkout working
git merge master
Impatient? Git not being friendly today?
git fetch origin
git checkout -b temp origin/master
You will not be able to push from the temp branch. You must add a symlink before running today's code.
cd ~/cs40/code/w05-3D/sphere
ln -s /usr/local/doc/textures/ data
Switch to your working branch, open qtcreator, and set your executable to sphere in w05-3D/sphere.
Initial Explorations
When you first run your program, you should get a wireframe outline of a square. You can rotate using the x,y, and z keys.

Examine the method updatePolyMode and see where it is called. Find out how to change the mode and toggle the various features.

Find out how to toggle the sphere


Texture Mapping
go to the fragment shader and uncomment the first fragColor line, while commenting out the third line. recompile and run. Woot!