CS40 Final Project

Due Noon Saturday 22 December 2018

You may work with one partner on the final project. The design of your final project is up to you. The timeline is below

Getting started
Project proposal (Nov 14th, 5pm)
You should write your proposal in Proposal.md using the provided template. The proposal should be roughly 2 pages of text (1.5+ pages). You proposal should include the following elements
Intermediate reports
Intermediate reports should highlight recent progress, discuss current roadblocks, and describe any adjustments you are making to your initial proposal. Intermediate reports can be submitted as markdown files in your git repo.
Demos will be during the the lab time on Tuesday December 11th which follows a Thursday schedule. Demos will be roughly 10-15 minutes (depending on number of projects).
Final submission
You final submission should include
You project should combine some previous topics from the course and explore at least one new topic. You can aim for realism, efficiency, or artistic effect.

Below are just a few ideas.

You should regularly commit your changes and occasionally push to your shared remote. Note you must push to your remote to share updates with your partner. Ideally you should commit changes at the end of every session of working on the project. You will be graded on work that appears in your remote by the project deadline.
Demo Schedule
You must attend the one and half hour demo session you are assigned below. If you wish, you may attend any of the other demo sessions. All sessions will be in Sci 240 on Tuesday December 11th.

If your project is real time, you should give a quick overview of your project and the tools used e.g., OpenGL shaders, CPU only, CUDA, followed by a real time demo. If your project requires offline rendering, take a few screenshots and display them in a slideshow and discuss the primary rendering steps in your project along with a discussion of how long it takes to process.

I will be happy to take volunteers for the presentation order at any time within a session, but otherwise, we will follow the order below chosen by Python's random.shuffle. If there are any conflicts with this schedule let me know immediately.