Lighting and Normal mapping

Bright ideas in OpenGL


I have updated code on the examples repo on github. Start by checking the status of your personal examples repo using git status and committing any local changes. Refer to git status help page for instructions, particularly on files that have been modified.

Run this step first to reduce merge problems

[~]$ cd ~/cs40/examples
[examples]$ rm w04-3D/sphere/data

Next, fetch upstream changes. If you have committed local changes, merge conflicts should be minimal

[~]$ cd ~/cs40/examples
[examples]$ git fetch upstream
[examples]$ git merge upstream/master
[examples]$ git push

Open up a terminal and navigate to sphere directory in w06-nmap. You will be creating a symlink to a folder containing texture map images for this code. You need to do this step before running make in your build directory.

[~]$ cd ~/cs40/examples/w06-nmap
[w06-nmap]$ ln -s /usr/local/doc/textures data

In a second terminal, navigate to the build folder and run make -j8 to get the w06-nmap folder.

[~]$ cd ~/cs40/examples/build/
[build]$ make -j8
[build]$ cd w06-nmap
[w06-nmap]$ ./nmap