CS35 Final Project

Oracles of Kevin Bacon or Baseball

Due 11:59pm Monday, 17 December 2007

You encouraged to work with a partner on this project.

Link Graphs
You will be creating graphs that either link movie actors/actresses between movies they co-starred in or link baseball players that were teammates at some time.

For the baseball data, there is only one file in /usr/local/doc/BaseballLinks.txt. Each line represents one record with the following tab delimited fields: player ID, first name, last name, year, team name, team abbreviation. A completely random ;) example is shown below:

vanslan01	Andy	Van Slyke	1991	Pittsburgh Pirates	PIT

For the movie data, there are a number of files, each with the same format, but a different number of records. Each line represents one record with the following tab delimited fields: first name, last name, movie title, year. A sample is shown below:

Diedrich        Bader   Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous  2005

Because the full movie data file is over 100 MB, I have made some shorter versions. All are in /usr/local/doc directory

Link graph
Design and implement a graph interface that can support the following queries for the data of your choice (baseball or movies, you do not need to support both). In the example below, I will refer to the movie data.
  1. Given an Actor/Actress, report all movies that he/she appeared in.
  2. Given a movie, year, report all actors/actresses in that movie.
  3. Given two Actors/Actresses, determine if they ever co-starred in a movie.
  4. Given two Actors/Actresses, display (if one or more exist) one of the shortest chains from one Actor to another. If no chain exists, inform the user
  5. For a given Actor/Actress, report an Actor or Actress whose shortest path is finite and maximal. In other words, given "Kevin Bacon" as a query, who is the least linkable to "Kevin Bacon" and how long is his/her path? Note the solution may not be unique. You just have to report one candidate.
  6. Compute the average linkability of an Actor/Actress. This is done by accumulating the shortest distance from each Actor/Actress to a given source and then dividing by the total number of people in the connected component.
  1. You must design a graph interface and write a separate class that implements the interface
  2. You must be able to build a graph on either the baseball data or Bacon2Links.txt. You are welcome to conduct initial tests on smaller data or work with the full data set.
  3. Write a sample test class that tests the main features of your code
  4. Write an interactive class that prompts the user to enter two Actors/Actresses and displays a shortest path between them if such a path exists, or successfully handles people that cannot be connected or do not exist in the database.
Along with your Java source code, you should hand in a README file, and your Makefile if you used one. These files will be imported automatically via handin35. Your README should summarize the main components of your graph interface and its implementation (don't get too technical, that's what the code is for). Also include run-time analysis of the key methods in your interface.