Linked Lists

In class exercises
Create a w12-llists subdirectory in your cs21/inclass directory and copy over some starting point files:
    $ cd 
    $ cd cs21/inclass
    $ pwd
    $ mkdir w12-llists       

    $ cd w12-llists
    $ pwd

    $ cp ~adanner/public/cs21/w12-llists/* .
Linked Lists
By now we should be familiar with python lists and their methods (append, pop, indexing, etc...), but how would you create a list class from basic principles. We will look at one possible solution this week, the linked list. This week we are going to do some of the following together:
  1. An empty list isn't much fun. Let's implement insertAtHead
  2. To test our insertAtHead method, we will need to implement __str__ as well. How can we traverse an entire list starting only at the head?
  3. Implement/test insertAtTail.
  4. Implement/test insertSorted and findNode as time permits.