Sorting and recursion

In class exercises
Change into your inclass directory.
[~]$ cd
[~]$ cd cs21/inclass/
If the w10-mergesort directory does not yet exist, create it using mkdir
[inclass]$ mkdir w10-mergesort
Copy the sample files for today from my directory using cp
[inclass]$ cp ~adanner/public/cs21/w10-mergesort/* w10-mergesort/
[inclass]$ ls
w02-numsAndStrings/  w04-graphics/   w07-design/     w10-mergesort/
w01-intro/      w02-strings/         w05-functions/  w08-search/
w01-solutions/  w03-decisions/       w06-loops/      w09-recursion/
[inclass]$ cd w10-mergesort/
[w10-mergesort]$ ls
Insertion sort
A sample trace of the algorithm.
More Recursion
Look at and in the w09-recursion folder

Open in vim.

Merge Sort - A recursive sort
open in the folder